Don't Take Christ Out of Christmas - 2012

Sound Investment's Christmas single. Available on

Get Ready for the next


The Messenger - 2011

Sound Investment's debut album.
Available on

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Two To Tango - 2014

Crawdads original album. 
Available on


according to John - 2017

Sound Investment's 2nd album.
Available on

Shame on You - 1980's

Five Card Stud's premier album.

Lipinski Lyrics  

Original Music & Lyrics by John Lipinski

On the Fence - 2018-9

Sound Investment's newest venture!
Will be available on

Crawdads - 2012

Crawdads debut original country album. 

Once in a Blue Moon - 2015

Crawdads original blues album. 

Classic - 2014

Crawdads classic country album.